No1PC: Amateur Radio Reference Links

Amateur Radio Reference Links


In addition to the topic/subject/context specific links on other pages, I'll be placing links here for general, common, ubiquitous reference information.

How to install the PL-259 Connector - as-designed

LMR-400 Data, if you must use this stuff, at least use the recommended connectors.

Antenna Basics from Larsen

A Casual Discussion of Antenna Gain Myths

Antennas 101 - Basics - de Ward Silver NĜAX

Baluns - Illustrated Essentials - de Roy V. Lewallen W7EL

1:1 Balun Demonstration - de IZ2UUF
Note only baluns but current chokes are of benefit here.

End-fed v Dipole: Effects of Common-mode Currents - de IZ2UUF
"Zepps", j-poles, anything without a proper counterpoise can cause this serious problem.

NO1PC: Antenna and Counterpoise Reference
After you watch the YouTube demos above, you'll want to see it visualized.

Station Ground References
Now that you have antenna... where's your station ground?

Signal Quality - Simplified
Did you know the difference between S-units is a whopping 6dB?

NO1PC: Antenna & Ground References

NO1PC: Mobile Station References

Some good soldering videos...recommended for new and old!



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