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Updated 23 Dec 16

On this page are links to additional on-site and off-site references providing some theory, practical, and data results from a variety of HF home and mobile installations.

Intro and Qualifiers

Keep it simple. That's does NOT mean over-simplified, dumbed-down, common-core, duct-tape and bailing wire.

It means that most of what we do with ham radio is known, proven, tried, true, done before. If you're into getting on-the-air for the first time or exploring a new band with new/different gear - chances are from the manufacturer to us old Elmers we know EXACTLY what works, what might, depending, and what won't.

This hobby is governed by technology, science and physics. Products are merely sold by buzz-words, claims (proven or not), ad-dollars, and seem to be validated by number of customers who think something is better or best. Pffft. Prove it!

Dozens, hundreds of engineers exist in our realm. Most of them have and continue to test and verify any variety of technical, performance or useability claims.

We owe at least SOME respect to science, physics, and the many experiments, models, tests, and real-world practices available to us. We cannot account for the inevitable miracle of propagation, etc.

I am a practioner. I seek out, inquire of, 'GOOGLE', learn from, qualify, validate, and prove or disprove almost anything and everything about this hobby - from DC to light - literally. I do not like junk science, anecdotes, casual observation or grand claims of best, better, great unless they are well-qualified, can be proven by measurement and reproduced by any and all level of us.

Take reality seriously, embrace the information freely available, hopefully learn from something other than an advertisement or social-media anecdote.

The goal is technically correct effective on-air performance and enjoyment. The bounds of science are real. Make the most of what you CAN know.

Band Conditions

An attempt to find and list easy references for propagation data: - Can you hear yourself?

A Live HF Band Conditions Guage

DXMaps - Greyline

Hamwaves Propagation Data

W7RI Propagation Data

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The Highly-Qualified and Authoritive Ham Reviews: Great vs. Sucks
[An Editorial Snark]

Do other hams buy only what you tell them to? Do they not buy what you warn them off of?

You could be an expert ham reviewer!

How do you review and consider different equipment options?

- Size ?
- Color ?
- Panel or display font ?
- Type of power connector ?
- Gender of antenna connector ?
- Cuteness of rubber-duck antenna ?
- Current draw spec ends in odd or even number ?

If you answered YES or MAYBE to any of the above, or absolutely refuse or are unable to provide any technical details about your equipment reviews and recommendations and instead offer only your authoritative expert subjective opinion then you may be an experienced equipment evaluator and must be regarded!

The Science of Great vs. Sucks

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