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Communications Equipment and Repeater System References

NARCC's Contribution to The Technology Awareness of the Amateur Radio Community

Collections of Equipment History, Manuals, Guidelines

Motorola Specific Equipment References

Repeater-Builder: A VAST Collection of Commercial Equipment References

Antenna References

Antenna Terminology

Basic Antenna Concepts

Antennas 101

Antenna and Counterpoise Basics

Antenna Types Illustrated

Folded Dipole Description


Tessco: Understanding Duplexers

Duplexer v Diplexer

Duplexer Reference

Duplexer Tuning Video

Generic Tutorials and Guides

Introduction to UHF & VHF FM Repeaters

Intermod, Co-Channel, Capture, De-Sense...

Wikipedia: Intermod

Wikipedia: Adjacent Channel Interference


Operating Modes, Linking and Interconnections

Wikipedia: Amateur Radio Modes


Wikipedia: D-Star

Wikipedia: DMR

Wikipedia: Digital Mobile Radio

Wikipedia: EchoLink

Wikipedia: Frequency Modulation


Wikipedia: NXDN

Wikipedia: P25

NARCC Technical Committee presentation - 2014
Bandwidth, Channel Spacing, Deviation, Frequency Stability/Tolerance, Guard-band...

Radio Site and Station Essentials

SBASite - Commerical Safety Reference

BLM Climbing Safety Document

W. Reeve Article on NEC Implementation for Amateur Radio

SeaPac Presentation on NEC and Amateur Radio

Commercial Grounding and Bonding Paper

Motorola R56 at Repeater-Builder

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