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Concerns and Lessons Being Learned

Updated 14 July 17 - 0730 PDT

14 July Update

All prior updates, documents, links copied to this location (clickable.)

There are a couple of lessons-learned and editorial points to be extended to a variety of radio-related publications and venues, and perhaps some interest in a presentation to ham clubs or Pacificon explaining all of this.

We're not 'done'. Given that:

  • The bulk of ambiguous language remains in AB-1222 and is likely to become the revised CVC 23123.5, and...
  • it is QUITE likely most/all State agencies AND certainly the 58 counties and hundreds of cities, may NOT be aware of nor heed the current Legislative Analysis nor the CHP enforcement memo...

... it IS anticipated that someone WILL likely be cited for radio/microphone use.

To the latter point and any sharing of what's transpired, there is still a huge lingering CQ/QRZ hanging out there requesting that anyone cited under 23123.5 for radio/microphone use PLEASE step forward and provide us details, and perhaps seek at least advisory counsel for handling of any Court case. THIS IS IMPORTANT!!!!

If you personally are cited, or hear of someone who has been, PLEASE LET US KNOW ASAP! Email: CVC23123 @ yahoo . com with details, contact info, attach a scan of the citation, etc.

IF such a case is taken to Court - things we NEED to know - if the charges are dropped/withdrawn (however that may be) or of the case is going to Court, and if handled in Court - the outcome. Court transcripts are essential.

In the meantime, links to documents you want to have handy:

CHP-Enforcement-of-Section-23123 in PDF

Senate Transportation And Housing - Analysis 2

Senate Transportation and Housing - Analysis 1

Assembly Transportation and Housing - Analysis

During any stop-and-cite process, ASK the officer if they are aware of the CHP enforcement memo about 23123.5 and ASK if they would like to see a copy.

ASK!!!! Do NOT force the issue.

IF cited and you decide to take the issue to court, ALL of the linked documents are essential to provide to a defense attorney. Beyond that other legal advise about this MAY be available. Contact us with your situation.

IF someone is cited, there are specific outcomes and matters of fact and court record that need to be obtained toward any future revision of the law.

Unless you are or have a lawyer aware of the nuances, PLEASE, let's get the right people engaged ASAP!

In the meantime - thank you all very much for your interest and support!


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