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Generic Whip & Tuner

The so-far few photos in this album illustrate two variants of a 'textbook' mobile whip fed with an SG-230 (or equiv) auto-tuner.

The van photos are from an "all-mode" public safety inter-operability communications platform, following what Motorola guides for their Micom HF rig - akin to many many military vehicle HF implementations.

The remainder are an accommodation of similar style atop our Airstream - an 8.5 x 31 foot counterpoise and ground-effect coupler. I do not implement this platform in-transit, but rather as an ad hoc Field Day operation as at-camp opportunities permit. I can easily transition from screwdriver (w/o tuner) to random whip to spooling out random-wire, and leverage just the trailer or bond it to the camp electrical or water system, A continuous experiment toward best-practice derived from 'best' perceived results.

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