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Silverado 2500HD Install

Pics Added 7/25/15:
- the various braid-bonded chassis-bed-hood-frame points to help make the truck a much more viable platform to increase ground-effect coupling, and...
- the determined power pick points (there are separate 30A and 40A +DC studs at the main accessory box under the hood, and...
- engine block to chassis -DC tie point (pending time to run #6 from the engine/battery/chassis tie point)

Antenna Compliment:
- VHF 5/8w for APRS
- VHF 1/4w for 2m
- UHF collinear for 440
- VHF 1/4w for public safety
- Old-style A/S scanner antenna
- Tram 1180 dual bander for 857
- Tarheel M100 for 857
- Larsen NMO-27 cut for 29 MHz
- Larsen NMO-50 cut for 52 MHz
* The 10m and 6m base-loaded whips are combined via 1/4w decoupling stubs to the same coax feeding the 'HF' port of a tri-plexer, whose other 2 ports feed to VHF and UHF whips on top.
* Most of them fed with RG-223

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