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Airstream Radio Installation

A few pics of the installation of 27 MHz and VHF/UHF antennas and radios in our 2004 30 foot Classic.

"Upper nose" NMO mounts easily exploit the existing AM/FM radio antenna path to the interior radio cabinet. You need to use a proper limited-depth 3/4" hole saw made for this purpose. Coax is high-quality well-shielded RG-58 stranded center conductor for the 4-5 foot run inside. I used the 49" antenna whip as the 'pusher' to get the lines to the interior hole behind the AM/FM radio. One could as well add a UHF or N connector on the roof to facilitate another external antenna (for HF?) but there are other places for that.

The CB and ham rig are slung below the AM/FM radio - can't do much else with that small space. The radio cabinet is provided a #12 wire from a 20A breaker at the DC distribution panel below the sofa - quite adequate for this addition.

A prior owner had installed a 120v AC 30A shoreline bulkhead connection for generator hookup convenience - a "suicide plug" at both ends - that had to go away - so I gutted the plug and installed a round aluminum plate to host an SMA and an N bulkhead connector for Wifi and additional ham use.

Finally - for extended boon-docking and external "field day table" ops outside the trailer I installed 75a PowerPole pigtails at each battery box. I need to add the same to the truck and make a large jumper cable just because. (CalTrans and CalFire and CalOES fleet vehicles have a 150a connector on the front bumper for safe universal jumper cable use. Great idea!!)

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