No1PC: AllStar/EchoLink Porta-Node

A Clean Versatile 12v-Powered Wireless Node

(Updated 10 Dec 16)

Nothing much to see here - but that's the point!

Goal:Small, easy, simple, effective, all 12v - no stray RF or dongle variations.

The Pi3 is powered off a standard 12v to USB 5v "lighter plug" charging adapter which will be replaced with a PowerWerx USB Buddy.

Having become impatient with the variation of USB dongles - just do it: W3KKC RA-35 Kit - $35

Re-packaging the BF-888 keeps the surrounding RF clean and makes the interfacing a bit more 'robust.'

Pi3 --- RA-35 --- BF-888

7805 and 2 1N4001 in Series for 3+ VDC to BF-888

White wire = Squelched audio at Vol pot via 0.1 ufd
Green wire = Mic audio via 0.1 ufd
Red wire = PTT-
Yellow wire = COS-
Shield to board common/- plane
Red and black to separated speaker

Closer look at audio and PTT points

Closer look at COS buffer - 2.2k from a COS+ point to 2N3904/2N2222 to invert

To reduce the bulk of a USB-B connector I used a short USB-A cable and soldered the -B end wires to the RA-35

USB standard cable color reference

USB power and data pin reference


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